In a huge open world game like Grand Theft Auto Online, multiplayer is only as good as the community behind it. Like any online community, GTA has its share of bad apples as well as the good hearted few. Now I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy randomly killing fellow players, but it's become clear that the game doesn't truly shine until you interact with random strangers. Since the game gives you so many ways to interact with each other it creates a weird anxiety of wondering what the other player's intentions are, and to even question your own.


In the clip above my friends and I are messing around with a Cargobob helicopter and an SUV, trying to lift it onto Mt. Chiliad. It was already an entertaining feat, but then a random player decides he wants to try to hit our helicopter with his airplane. Hostile hilarity ensues.

What are some of the best random moments while playing GTA Online?

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