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The holidays are fast approaching, which means that big new titles like Assassin' s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefied 4 are here to capitalize on our extreme buying habits. Both games were released today on current-gen consoles and have received mostly positive reviews so far, if your into that sort of thing. Call of Duty: Ghosts releases in exactly one week on current-gen consoles and over the next three weeks we'll see all of the games from the past few months re-released on the PS4 and Xbox One.


It's getting tougher for me to get excited for these annual titles every year because its always more of the same, especially with Call of Duty. Although, I'm surprisingly optimistic because of the jump to the new consoles and my assumption that the games should be, you know, better. This holiday season should be huge for video games because of the new consoles and all of the holiday season's big releases should be able to capitalize. But then again, there's still the hope of Grand Theft Auto Online actually working like it's supposed to.

I know I'll be waiting to pick up CoD: Ghosts on PS4 day one and then several sports games like NBA 2K14 and FIFA 14. What games are you looking to pick up this holiday? More importantly, are you going to pick up the next-gen or current-gen version?


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